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Narrative written reports in 24 hours.

NYS Lic# 1600011321
Infrared moisture detection and drone roof inspection.

Dark Room

Licensed home inspector with thirty years experience in the building trades.


  • When will my report be ready?
    Your detailed inspection report will usually be ready within 24 hours, and available electronically to specified parties.
  • Can I attend the inspection?
    Yes. The inspector can guide you through many of the issues of home maintenance and repair while performing the inspection.
  • What if the roof is inaccessible at the time of inspection?
    Buell Home Inspections can provide drone inspection of hard to reach areas to insure we see as much detail as possible.
  • Will my inspector perform any repairs?
    No. The inspection report describes the visually determined condition of the building systems at the time of the inspection.
  • When is my payment due?
    Payment is due at the time of the inspection and can be made electronically with a credit card or via this website at the time of booking.
  • How long does an inspection usually take?
    A typical inspection takes 2-3 hours.
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